Best ways in which LeadPages can be used
LeadPages is one of the best names in building landing pages. You can use LeadPages as a tool through which you can collect the email subscribers. This is one of the main functions of LeadPages but it is not the least function. LeadPages has many other uses also as it provides you a lot of people attracting templates that can be used for different purposes like for lead magnets, land pages, webinars, or you can use it to grow your email list. LeadPages also contains the templates for things like your sales pages.

you can use LeadPages for different purposes like creating the landing page opt-in forms, hosting any webinars,  or to host some free courses, or collecting the email subscribers, or to send the content upgrade automatically, or building any sales page and there are many more. lets’ see some of it.

LeadPages collects the subscribers through emails and you need to do anything. You just have to select some text or any certain word or the phrase to a specific number. They all will receive the mail in which they would be asked to respond with their email address. Once they do they will be subscribed. Of course, there are some downsides to this service like the international peeps would not be able to use it. But it could be great for you. And you can use this feature as a great opportunity for yourself.

If you are just starting and you do not have enough investment to pay for a designer then LeadPages could be the best option that you can opt for. From this, you can design professional pages that will look awesome on your website as it has many templates which suit your website.

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Pros and Cons in ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft



  1. If you run a small business then you will get every needed tool from this software. you need not even invest in domain and hosting.
  2. The facility of the shopping cart and checkout tool is also available in ClickFunnels, which means that you need not integrate with any of the third-party eCommerce sites like Shopify or other like that.
  3. Have a simple landing page builder. It lets you build the landing pages and the sales pages in just a minute.
  4. It improves the conversation and campaign performances with drag and drops rich media like videos and different others.
  5. It provides you various email and SMS marketing automation tools.


  1. It is an all-in-one application. Do you know what does it mean? It means that there will be less focus on depth or power.
  2. The landing page builder is easy to use but it is not as powerful as Infusionsoft has.



  1. It is an all-in-one tool that includes everything starting from an email and ranging to the CRM tool. This is a great choice for any mid-sized business.
  2. A large variety of email templates is included in this. All of those are very great looking and is very easier to customize.
  3. As it is mentioned earlier that its landing page builder is much more powerful than the landing page builder of ClickFunnels.
  4. If your business is dedicated to the sales team than its sales and customer relationship management tools are of huge help.
  5. Huge range options are available in Infusionsoft if your business is heavily dependent on email marketing for revenue and lead generation.


  1. It has a steepest initial learning curve.
  2. You will need to purchase a kick start training program of $699 or more.
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The Lacrosse Mouthguards Buying Guide
Lacrosse Mouthguards play a very vital role in a game like a lacrosse, so one needs to make sure that he or she is selecting the right one.

#1. Shock Doctor Mouthguard

It is high quality and multi-purpose mouthguard it can be used in a lot of games.

Its features gel-fit linear technology which provides accurate fitting. it is also providing integrated breathing channels so that you can breathe while wearing it.

It provides protection to the tongue, teeth grinding because of its heavy-duty exoskeletal shock frame. It provides a triple-layer design for comfort in durability.

It is available in 16 colors which are named on the name of candies you can get it from Amazon at a pocket-friendly price.

#2. Shock Doctor Braces Mouth Guard

There are a lot of youth players who wear braces but they are not able to find braces supportive mouth guard, don’t worry this product is for such kids who wear braces.

It is made up of medical-grade silicone, the materials which can cause irritation are not included in its manufacture such as latex, phthalates, BPA. Players can use it directly after unpacking it because there is no need for molding it to adjust itself. 

It has two varieties of strapless and straps. There are more than 5 colors available on Amazon at a budget-friendly price.

#3. Venum Challenger Mouthguard

It is also a durable sturdy and multipurpose product.

Features NexFit gel frame so that it can fit your mouth easily and provide you comfort. It is highly breathable so that you can breathe during high activities.

It can manage the shock easily and effectively as it has a high-density rubber frame which is great in absorbing and distributing high impacts.

Manufacturers have focused on hygiene that’s why they have provided a protective case for a mouthguard.

It is available on Amazon in more than 10 beautiful color options you can get it at a very convenient price.

The Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads of 2020 for Defensemen
Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads of 2020 – You need to play with total protection so that you won’t need a Doctor after the game. Spending money on best lacrosse protective gear is far better than spending money on treatment.

#1. Pro-Tec – Street Gear Jr 3 Pack

It includes knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, elbow and knee pads both have elastic sleeves so that it wants to slip off its place and provide you comfort and mobility.

It comes with a Velcro strap with stretch lycra upper and lower scrap to ensure a perfect fitting.

It is available on Amazon in two different sizes at a very convenient price.

#2. Triple Eight ExoSkin Elbow Pad

It is designed to be sturdy and lightweight.

It provides a high density of padding in knee caps so that it can absorb the impacts. It wants to tear up easily as it features outside Kevlar knee cover.

It is highly breathable as its body is equipped with perforated Neoprene and interior sweat saver lining protect the player from the sweat and heat.

It has Velcro straps for a customizable fit and countered body for comfort.

It is available on Amazon in three different sizes at a very convenient price.

#3. EPOCH Lacrosse Integra Elbow Caps for Defenseman

It is made up of carbon fiber which is lightweight and strong as well.

It is equipped with Phase Change Technology which makes it highly breathable and comfortable because it let the air pass through the fabric and keeps away the sweat and heat. 

It has dual-density foam which makes it flexible and sturdy so that it can provide you both mobility and protection.

It features a sandwich locking system so that it won’t slip out of your hand during higher activities.

You can get it from Amazon in different colors and sizes at a very convenient price. 

3 Best Lacrosse Arm Guards & Arm Guards
Your arms are the part that gets affected a lot of due impacts during the game with that’s why you need an armed guard to protect your arm from higher impacts or damage. here’s best Lacrosse Arm Guards and Pads

#1. EPOCH iD Lacrosse Arm Pad for Attack, Middie and Defensemen

It is designed to be flexible and lightweight, is it has spandex sleeve to provide you optimum mobility. It is extra space as it is equipped with dual foam technology.

It has maintained its sleek design with a lot of padding instead make it bulky it makes it durable and sturdy.

It is available on Amazon in three different sizes at a very convenient price.

#2. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Arm Pad

STX stallion 50 youth is a series of lacrosse protective Guards for the beginners Because it provides extra protection from the average.

It won’t slip off your hand as it provides an adjustable strap to ensure a perfect fit.

It is available for attackers, defenseman, face-off, and midfielders.

It is available in black color on Amazon in three different sizes at a very convenient price.

#3. Brine Clutch Arm Guard

As it names show clutch which means faster reaction time.

It has three-piece construction with grid fleece which is designed to provide flexibility, mobility, and protection.

It is equipped with compression molded foam which eliminates the extra burden and makes it lightweight and it is very good in absorbing extreme impacts. This is how it provides you both comfort and protection.

It has a ventilator stretch cleave which makes it highly breathable so the player won’t feel discomfort due to sweat and heat.

Its no-slip gel keeps it on the place so that you won’t get disturbed with the high movement of the arm pad.

It is available on Amazon in different colors at a very convenient price.

The Five Lacrosse Balls Available in the Market
You cannot imagine the game of lacrosse without a ball, but finding the best lacrosse ball can be very tiring as there are plenty of options available also these balls come in multiple colours. 

So what are the factors that one should keep in mind while selecting a suitable ball? Three important points need to be taken care of

  • Price per ball
  • Material of ball
  • NOCSAE Safety standards
Considering these three features here is the list of the best five types of the ball that one can easily purchase from Amazon.

#1. Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Ball

They are the mostly purchase lacrosse ball on the Amazon. They are soft and are available in various colour and can be used as a multi-purpose ball.

Kieva Massage Lacrosse Ball

They are easy to use and can also be used as a massager to relax muscles knots and help in removing the tension.

#2. WOD Nation Massage Ball Set

They can be perfect for removing the chronic pain, and it usually comes in a combination of two solid black color Lacrosse ball and one trigger point spinky ball.

#3. Lax Stars Lacrosse Balls Massage Ball Therapy

These balls are approved by NOCSAE and needs NFHS specification. They are also used for removing the stiffness in the muscles and they are beautiful and go comfortable with all seasons.

#4. Velocity Lacrosse Ball

It also meet NOCSAE standard and NHFS approves its size. They are quite durable and are value for money. They are the best lacrosse ball available on Amazon.


However there are various other options available on Amazon that one need to explore appropriately before making any purchase decision.

It is always better to buy more number of lacrosse balls as it would be more economical and also you would have available spare with you at all the time.

Lacrosse Goals & Nets and Top 3 Available in Market
Best Lacrosse Goals & Nets – Like any other sports lacrosse also requires a lot of practice to master the game. And if you have a passion for lacrosse, then this practice can increase several times.

It can be either done all alone or in a team. If you are practicing it all alone, then you would require some training material that would facilitate your training one such essential element is the goal.

There are various types of purposes available in the market. Some of them are made up of PVC while others are made up of stainless steel.

Some of the popular goals are

#1. Bownet 6*6 official full-sized Portable Lacrosse Goal

These are best suited for your backyard as they are portable so you can easily remove them when not in use. It absorbs the energy of the shot so that the ball does not bounce back and hurt anyone.

#2. Franklin Sports Delux Youth Lacrosse Goal

This goal is perfect for the Mini lacrosse sticks set and can be used inside the house. They can also be used outside it is of ideal size and light-weighted, which is very important as they need to be moved.

#3. GoSports Regular 6*6 Lacrosse Net With Steel Frame

Even a six grader can quickly assemble this goal it is a quite great goal and should be assembled only where it is needed. It is very easy to transport this goal and as it can be perfectly packed in the bag.


Practicing is the only way for enhancing the game and one should have the proper equipment for practicing otherwise, they may get tired and frustrated.

The goal should be light weighted and easy to assemble so it can be used either indoor or outdoor. The net in the goals are generally UV treated and can withstand any harsh conditions.

3 Best Lacrosse Googles
Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body, you need to protect them that’s why we are here with the best lacrosse goggles in 2020.

#1. STX Lacrosse Focus – S Goggles

It is an SEI Certified Product, it matches new rules (2020).

It is providing a steel cage for strength and Protection.

It delivers superior visibility as it has minimal double bar design.

It is more suitable for intermediate players. You can get it from Amazon at a very convenient price.

#2. STX 4 Sight +S Adult Lacrosse Goggles

STX is a well-known brand in the market, that’s why it is designed to meet new 2020 playing rules.

Its features oval wire design for superior visibility. 

It is equipped with foam- fitting silicone padding which is here to absorb higher impacts and provide the comfort to the player it is also very easy to clean and it doesn’t absorb the moisture and sweat.

This product has a great people review on Amazon, people love it for its features and budget-friendly price.

It is available in 8 different colors on Amazon’s very convenient price.

#3. Bangerz Hz -otg Goggles Protective Eyeguard, Anti Fog, Over the Glasssafety Goggles for High Impact Sports – Basketball, Lacrosse, Floor Hockey | Crystal Clear With Wide Vision

It is one of the most protective eyewear in the market, its lens is made up of polycarbonate which provides a wide vision.

It is specially designed to support high impact games, it has anti-shock Technology which observes the shock with the help of padding it provide. 

It is highly comfortable as it is anti-scratch and anti-fog, that’s why it is able to provide you the superior vision. It is highly adjustable.

It is available on Amazon with no color option at a very convenient price.