3 Best Lacrosse Arm Guards & Arm Guards
Your arms are the part that gets affected a lot of due impacts during the game with that’s why you need an armed guard to protect your arm from higher impacts or damage. here’s best Lacrosse Arm Guards and Pads

#1. EPOCH iD Lacrosse Arm Pad for Attack, Middie and Defensemen

It is designed to be flexible and lightweight, is it has spandex sleeve to provide you optimum mobility. It is extra space as it is equipped with dual foam technology.

It has maintained its sleek design with a lot of padding instead make it bulky it makes it durable and sturdy.

It is available on Amazon in three different sizes at a very convenient price.

#2. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Arm Pad

STX stallion 50 youth is a series of lacrosse protective Guards for the beginners Because it provides extra protection from the average.

It won’t slip off your hand as it provides an adjustable strap to ensure a perfect fit.

It is available for attackers, defenseman, face-off, and midfielders.

It is available in black color on Amazon in three different sizes at a very convenient price.

#3. Brine Clutch Arm Guard

As it names show clutch which means faster reaction time.

It has three-piece construction with grid fleece which is designed to provide flexibility, mobility, and protection.

It is equipped with compression molded foam which eliminates the extra burden and makes it lightweight and it is very good in absorbing extreme impacts. This is how it provides you both comfort and protection.

It has a ventilator stretch cleave which makes it highly breathable so the player won’t feel discomfort due to sweat and heat.

Its no-slip gel keeps it on the place so that you won’t get disturbed with the high movement of the arm pad.

It is available on Amazon in different colors at a very convenient price.