The Lacrosse Mouthguards Buying Guide
Lacrosse Mouthguards play a very vital role in a game like a lacrosse, so one needs to make sure that he or she is selecting the right one.

#1. Shock Doctor Mouthguard

It is high quality and multi-purpose mouthguard it can be used in a lot of games.

Its features gel-fit linear technology which provides accurate fitting. it is also providing integrated breathing channels so that you can breathe while wearing it.

It provides protection to the tongue, teeth grinding because of its heavy-duty exoskeletal shock frame. It provides a triple-layer design for comfort in durability.

It is available in 16 colors which are named on the name of candies you can get it from Amazon at a pocket-friendly price.

#2. Shock Doctor Braces Mouth Guard

There are a lot of youth players who wear braces but they are not able to find braces supportive mouth guard, don’t worry this product is for such kids who wear braces.

It is made up of medical-grade silicone, the materials which can cause irritation are not included in its manufacture such as latex, phthalates, BPA. Players can use it directly after unpacking it because there is no need for molding it to adjust itself. 

It has two varieties of strapless and straps. There are more than 5 colors available on Amazon at a budget-friendly price.

#3. Venum Challenger Mouthguard

It is also a durable sturdy and multipurpose product.

Features NexFit gel frame so that it can fit your mouth easily and provide you comfort. It is highly breathable so that you can breathe during high activities.

It can manage the shock easily and effectively as it has a high-density rubber frame which is great in absorbing and distributing high impacts.

Manufacturers have focused on hygiene that’s why they have provided a protective case for a mouthguard.

It is available on Amazon in more than 10 beautiful color options you can get it at a very convenient price.