The Five Lacrosse Balls Available in the Market
You cannot imagine the game of lacrosse without a ball, but finding the best lacrosse ball can be very tiring as there are plenty of options available also these balls come in multiple colours. 

So what are the factors that one should keep in mind while selecting a suitable ball? Three important points need to be taken care of

  • Price per ball
  • Material of ball
  • NOCSAE Safety standards
Considering these three features here is the list of the best five types of the ball that one can easily purchase from Amazon.

#1. Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Ball

They are the mostly purchase lacrosse ball on the Amazon. They are soft and are available in various colour and can be used as a multi-purpose ball.

Kieva Massage Lacrosse Ball

They are easy to use and can also be used as a massager to relax muscles knots and help in removing the tension.

#2. WOD Nation Massage Ball Set

They can be perfect for removing the chronic pain, and it usually comes in a combination of two solid black color Lacrosse ball and one trigger point spinky ball.

#3. Lax Stars Lacrosse Balls Massage Ball Therapy

These balls are approved by NOCSAE and needs NFHS specification. They are also used for removing the stiffness in the muscles and they are beautiful and go comfortable with all seasons.

#4. Velocity Lacrosse Ball

It also meet NOCSAE standard and NHFS approves its size. They are quite durable and are value for money. They are the best lacrosse ball available on Amazon.


However there are various other options available on Amazon that one need to explore appropriately before making any purchase decision.

It is always better to buy more number of lacrosse balls as it would be more economical and also you would have available spare with you at all the time.


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