3 Best Lacrosse Googles
Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body, you need to protect them that’s why we are here with the best lacrosse goggles in 2020.

#1. STX Lacrosse Focus – S Goggles

It is an SEI Certified Product, it matches new rules (2020).

It is providing a steel cage for strength and Protection.

It delivers superior visibility as it has minimal double bar design.

It is more suitable for intermediate players. You can get it from Amazon at a very convenient price.

#2. STX 4 Sight +S Adult Lacrosse Goggles

STX is a well-known brand in the market, that’s why it is designed to meet new 2020 playing rules.

Its features oval wire design for superior visibility. 

It is equipped with foam- fitting silicone padding which is here to absorb higher impacts and provide the comfort to the player it is also very easy to clean and it doesn’t absorb the moisture and sweat.

This product has a great people review on Amazon, people love it for its features and budget-friendly price.

It is available in 8 different colors on Amazon’s very convenient price.

#3. Bangerz Hz -otg Goggles Protective Eyeguard, Anti Fog, Over the Glasssafety Goggles for High Impact Sports – Basketball, Lacrosse, Floor Hockey | Crystal Clear With Wide Vision

It is one of the most protective eyewear in the market, its lens is made up of polycarbonate which provides a wide vision.

It is specially designed to support high impact games, it has anti-shock Technology which observes the shock with the help of padding it provide. 

It is highly comfortable as it is anti-scratch and anti-fog, that’s why it is able to provide you the superior vision. It is highly adjustable.

It is available on Amazon with no color option at a very convenient price.


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